Relieve headaches naturally


Relieve your Headaches in 30 days without pain pills...

If you suffer from frequent debilitating headaches, pain or vomiting from your headaches, it can be extremely distressing and frustrating. Not only does your head hurt because you have not been able to relieve your headaches, the symptoms can keep you from fully engaging with work, your family, and simply just enjoying your time.

And over-the-counter pain pills can act just like a Band-Aid, they aren’t getting to the core and can have side-effects like gastric disturbance, liver toxicity and renal dysfunction.



Waking up feeling clear-headed, grounded, and stable in your body.

Having the energy to spend time with your family.

Getting your work tasks done with more ease.

And, actually enjoying your free time, instead of sleeping all the time!

The only way to change this struggle is to learn how to relieve your headaches naturally through your own body’s wisdom. Once I guide you through learning this skill, you will not have to depend on additional remedies like over-the-counter pain pills to relieve your headaches.


This is why I created the...

Relieve Headaches Naturally Signature System…

In this system you will learn how to:

  • Study and track your headaches.
  • Identify causes of your headaches through your own body’s wisdom.
  • Understand simple steps to relieve your headaches.
  • Design your natural headache remedy to take back your life!

Feel empowered in your ability to relieve your headaches naturally and physically feel better!


What you'll experience...

Through a questionnaire, an assessment, a yoga video and  4 weekly private video coaching sessions, the Relieve Headaches Naturally Signature System teaches you how to go from discomfort and pain to relieve your headaches naturally through your own wisdom!


While I am...

Not a doctor, I was a Microsoft leader for 20 years...making six-figures, supporting hundreds of team members, including a genuine leader who became the CIO. I Program Managed international conferences of 200+ people from Washington...but I secretly hurt all day and had headaches that made me vomit. When, I discovered how to heal those headaches, I realized I wasn’t alone. A staggering 25% of women worldwide suffer from migraines. I’ve dedicated myself to helping women relieve their headaches naturally. This is for women who want to address their headaches in a natural system, that has helped me relieve my pain and change my life!


Receive support...

You don’t need to simply “deal” with unbearable headaches. Instead, learn how to relieve your headaches naturally; without taking over-the-counter pain pills. It’s time to end the struggle. It’s time to ROCK YOUR workday, personal tasks and responsibilities. It’s time to FULLY participate in and ENJOY YOUR LIFE again; to feel optimistic and motivated. 

Your time is NOW...because YOU deserve all this:

  • An assessment.
  • Yoga video for headaches.
  • 4 weekly private video coaching sessions. 
  • Questionnaire to prepare you for my signature system.

Start NOW!