Have you ever sat with someone who really cared about what you had to say?  Have you ever talked with someone who could listen without being judgmental and not give you their opinions?  Serena can help you look at things in a different perspective, help you learn to reframe them.  She will shine a light on new ways of looking at challenges and turn them into opportunities. Serena's gentle countenance allow you to discover what is truly inside of you.  

Greg W., Lakewood, Wa

I used to sometimes feel frustrated in my office at work... who doesn't from time to time?  Now, when I look up I see the Mission Statement and Mantra I created with Serena's help.  They are a wonderful daily reminder of what I am manifesting in my life.  I added personal photos from the beach and I just love them! I was skeptical that I needed any help in creating the life I crave, after all I am successful and happy!  But... I couldn't believe how helpful working through these projects with Serena was.  Not only does she have the techniques to bring out what is already within you, but Serena is one of the kindest and most encouraging people I have ever worked with. I found the whole experience of coaching with Serena to be a release from negativity and anxiety. I would recommend Serena Laursen as your new Life Coach!

Lorena M., Aberdeen, Wa

I was really impressed with Serena during our life coach session. She was able to help me formulate my vision, and then help me formulate pull my goals and objectives for the vision. At the end of the session, I had “happy tears” because I finally saw my vision in writing which was so powerful! Not only did I have a visual of my vision, but I now had a game plan to work from to bring it to fruition. I truly appreciate Serena’s style, energy, positivity and wisdom.

Jessica W., Seattle, Wa